Who We Are

Sheraiz Delightz creates magical events for clients.
Through the use of well thought out themes, we reach and surpass the event needs of all our clients.

Our slogan "Creating Magical Events" is our guide as we seek to leave clients with indelible event experiences.

We are also a Public Relations Agency that captures all relevant content for our clients to promote their brands on both traditional and social media.

Background and Origin of name

When I was a little girl my mother called me Cherie which in French means darling. As I grew up and became sophisticated and creative I decided to change the spelling of the name to Sherai Sheer-Rai which was pronounced just as it is spelt. So I changed my name spelling from cheri to Sherai. Also, I grew up and got involved in all kinds of activities and discovered hobbies in university and my professional career, I realized I was passionate about certain things. I refrain from divulging these details just yet.

I toyed around with forming a company to improve the services I thought needed improvement in Cameroon. I thrive only when I am doing something I like, so forming this company was the easy part. The challenges came when I had to use my high end and sometimes unrealistically perfect ideas with scarce resources. However, the English man says, where there is a will there is a way so I succeeded.

Like I said, I thrive when I do something I am passionate about. I love a varied number of unrelated services and so I formed this service company that does all these.

All these inspired me to call the company Sheraiz Delightz I find delight in these things. I am passionate about these services so I do a really good job at offering these services.