Introducing SIPEC

Introducing SIPEC

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Sheraiz Admin, Tue 17th, Feb 2015, 08:50

SIPEC (Sherai’s Initiative for Promoting Entrepreneurs in Cameroon) is an initiative that was started to give entrepreneurs all the help they needed to succeed. This could be effective Public Relations, Financing or coaching and mentoring. The challenge that had been realized and the reason this initiative was thought of and implemented was the fact that Entrepreneurs in Cameroon are few and the few who exist are focused on being small, have no plans of growing larger than their present state. We also realized that entrepreneurs could do with a little assistance. They need advertising which they may not be able to afford and even if they can afford it’s not on the top of their list of priorities as there are more pressing things that need to be done. Another challenge entrepreneurs face is the lack of financing, they need capital to grow their business, to bid for some contracts that require high amounts of capital and lastly they just need financing to be stable and to be able to afford to hire quality staff. It is with all these findings we decided to start SIPEC, to create an environment where prospective clients for these entrepreneurs could be gathered together. On this same occasion the media covers the event to expose these entrepreneurs to the entire population of Cameroon. The pictures and videos taken during the event are also published on the SIPEC website and all SIPEC social networks (twitter, facebook, Instagram, google + and youtube) and on the SIPEC magazine for the audience especially out of Cameroon. Lastly we stay in touch with the entrepreneurs to give them the assistance they need to stay in business. Investors are looking for interesting businesses to invest in. Banks are looking for profitable companies to offer credit to. Mentors are looking for eager protégés to mentor. We stay in touch with the entrepreneurs to offer them the assistance they need to succeed. The vision of SIPEC is to ensure the spirit of Entrepreneurship is alive in the country.


1. Identify entrepreneurs; 2. Create platform to expose them; 3. Get financing for our SIPEC projects from sponsors and well-wishers; 4. Organize networking events; 5. Get a mix of professionals (employees, entrepreneurs and investors); 6. Encourage the striking of conversations between complete strangers (in an attempt to create business partnerships); 7. Get various media outlets to cover entire event and special photos; 8. Empower the Entrepreneurs with the tools required to succeed.